10 Things Every Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder Wishes You Knew!

10 Things Every Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder Wishes You Knew;

The only attribute that is consistent is inconsistency as there is usually a little disagreement on any level that shows cases the fact that autism spectrum disorder is baffling even to people that live their lives around it.

The child who lives with autism may look normal but the behavior of the child can be quite confusing and completely difficult and this is because autism spectrum disorder is a neurobehavioral condition which is complex in nature and includes an abnormal function in social interaction, communication skills combined with rigid repetitive behaviors and developmental language. Children with autism have issues communicating and understanding what others may think or feel and this makes it quite difficult for them to express themselves.

Autism spectrum disorder used to be tagged as an incurable disorder but individuals with autism are proving this notion wrong on a daily basis as they have shown that they can overcome and manage a whole lot of characteristics that seem challenging. Teaching the children the basic elements of autism is really good as it has a significant impact on their journey to independent adulthood.

Autism has a large number of characteristics but they all fall under four fundamental areas which include delayed and damaged speech and language, sensory processing problems, self-esteem issues and elusive social interaction.

Though it is important to bear in mind that these four fundamental areas may be common to many children but autism is a spectrum disorder hence, no two or more children with autism spectrum disorder will be completely alike which means that every child would be at different spots on the spectrum likewise they will have a different set of needs.

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Listed below are ten things that every child with autism wishes you knew:

1. First things first I am a child.

I have autism spectrum disorder does not make me autistic primarily because autism is just a part of me and not all of me. It does not define me in any way. Just as you are a person with feelings, thoughts, talents, have a few impairments here and there or uncoordinated, those are the things seen by me but not necessarily what you are all about. As an adult, it is pretty easy for you to limit the things you want people to know about you. You can even go as far as pretending to be someone else or even showing just a part of you that you want to be seen by all but I am a child and I am still on my path to discovery of myself. Defining me by one characteristic would only lead you to set an expectation that is far from where I stand and if at any point I get a sensing that you don’t think I can do it then I won’t bother trying at all.

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