Autism Treatment: Parent Are Making Their Children Drink Bleach!

In an attempt to treat her children with autism, an Indian woman was accused of feeding them bleach, thinking it is the ultim autism treatment, as per the police reports.

Police claimed the woman was adding several drops of hydrochloric acid and chlorine-based sea to her daughter’s beverage to make a cure-all solution for autism, reported Fox 59. According to her husband, the woman had learned about the concoction via a Facebook group that termed it ” A miracle mineral solution.”

Autism Treatment: Parent Are Making Their Children Drink Bleach!

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The Department of Child Services has started investigating the claims, and the children have been removed from their home, according to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The fake science autism treatment spread by the Facebook group had wild claims that the miracle solution can treat multiple types of cancers, HIV, common cold, the H1N1 flu virus, hepatitis, and other chronic conditions. The FDA had warned about this treatment for autism back in 2010.

Autism Treatment: Parent Are Making Their Children Drink Bleach!

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The “miracle” autism treatment solution involves mixing 28% sodium chlorine with an acid such as citrus acid. This concoction activates chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach that is used for industrial sea treatment and stripping textiles, as per FDA report.

Oral administration of a large amount of this bleach, as those in the product labels, can result in nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and severe dehydration.

According to Sherry Quinn, the founder and president of the Behavioral Center for Autism treatment said that parents with kids who have autism often find a home solution for autism treatment, as reported by Fox 59.

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Quinn told the news stations that mothers whose kids have autism often take things into their hands out of desperation and hope.

Kelly Goudreau, the clinical director of the behavioral centers, reminded parents that there is no known autism treatment. It is a condition they will have to live with, and the only way you can help your kid is to make them more independent so that they can do their own things, she told FOX 59.

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